Tai Chi Level 2: Keeping Whole-Body Connection in Motion

In tonight’s class, Sigung Richard Clear taught in detail how to maintain internal connections for whole-body power, even while moving. No piece of the body should be moving independently of the rest. Even if some pieces are moving in opposite directions from others, the whole body should be in every action with no separation.

By focusing on “hanging from the string,” as it says in the Tai Chi Classics (or by the bungee cord as Sigung Clear puts it), you can practice whole body connection while moving in the form. If you make sure that you are hanging from the string as you move, it becomes natural and quite easy to maintain the proper internal connections, and you can get whole-body power through every motion.

This video briefly demonstrates one of martial the benefits of moving in this way. There are many other martial and health benefits that come with maintaining this kind of structure.

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