Clear’s Tai Chi is a results based accelerated learning program. We openly teach the high level internal “secrets” that the vast majority of Tai Chi masters only show behind closed doors to a very select few.

The mission of Clear’s Tai Chi is to fuel a revolution in Tai Chi Instruction through effective results based programs.

Our instructors constitute a confederation of legitimate Tai Chi practitioners united around a pursuit of the highest levels of internal skill, dedicated to sharing their knowledge and training the Tai Chi masters of tomorrow.

Sigung Richard Clear

Tai Chi Master of the Year 2011
USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Sigung Richard Clear

Professional Certifications

  • Sigung (Senior Teacher – Red Sash) Tai Chi and Chi KungAdvanced training received from China’s “old Masters” Living Treasures in Mainland China 1993 & 1994
  • Tai Chi Master of The Year 2011 – USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Sigung (Senior Teacher – Red Sash) Old Hand Shao lin and Internal Kung Fu
  • Self Defense Master of the Year 2007 – USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Si-Tai-Gung Street Kung Fu – (Founder and Head of System)
  • Master Practitioner of Pentjak Silat
  • Master Practitioner of KUN TAO SILAT de Thouars

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    Matt Holker

    Matt Holker

    Matt Holker began his study of the martial arts at the age of 5. He has trained in various martial arts all his life, including along the way Tai Chi Chuan and Kuntao Silat. He moved to Maryville to get advanced training in these arts that is only publicly available through Richard Clear, and he is now one of our most active teachers in the Downtown School.

    Matt teaches all of the Beginner and Level 1 Tai Chi classes as well as the Kung Fu Kids classes (unless he is on the occasional road trip with Sigung Clear!)

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