Tai Chi Level 2: Staying in the Moment

Tonight Sigung Richard Clear gave us a lesson on being present. We are so accustomed to thinking about what we need to do next, where we are going, or what we want to accomplish. Instead of thinking about the destination, if you can keep your mind on what is happening RIGHT NOW you get enormous benefits.

This isn’t some mystical, metaphysical benefit we’re talking about. There may be some of that, too, but we’re talking about adding POWER.

It’s plenty challenging to remain in the moment when you are doing standing practice. It’s even more challenging when you are moving at all. Still, with training and practice, it is possible to stay present even when playing push hands.

In fact, push hands is one of the best ways to develop that skill. Playing against a partner that is doing the same thing will give you instant feedback on how “in the moment” you are (compared to your partner, at least).

All other things being equal, whoever can stay present the best will be the most relaxed and adaptive, and therefore the most powerful pusher. This is something people experience naturally in some circumstances, like a bad car wreck, but it can be learned and it can be applied to Combat Tai Chi.

It may seem esoteric at first, but it is really just an advanced application of basic perceptual psychology, and it’ll add a whole new level to your push hands game. When done right, it’s like being able to manipulate time. At that level you can perceive what someone is going to do before they do it, which would give anyone an advantage in a self defense situation.

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