Tai Chi Level 2: Internal “Pulleys” for Tai Chi

Tonight Sigung Richard Clear demonstrated the use of a visualization technique for improving your Tai Chi form. Proper Tai Chi employs whole body power at all times, but there are a few movements in the forms that require a little more coordination to make that happen.

By picturing that parts of your body are connected to other parts, the coordination of those motions becomes much easier. The result is that power dramatically increases through the forms, and the Tai Chi principles of balance and structure remain intact throughout. Sigung Clear demonstrates the power of this with one of the students in this clip.

The imagery can even be used to enhance simpler motions, as Sigung Clear demonstrated in class. Even when the whole body is moving in one direction, the motion can be more refined if you picture it being pulled that way. Once the movements become natural with this method, the visualization should be dropped so that this way of moving becomes like second nature.

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