Maryville Tai Chi is the ONLY School in East Tennessee where you can train with a true Tai Chi Master!

Sigung (Master) Richard Clear is recognized as a Master in two separate lineages. Respected Tai Chi teachers from all over the country and the world come to Maryville from far and wide to continue their education by training with the Master.

Beginning classes are taught by our many certified Instructors and Senior Instructors, and the Intermediate classes are taught by Master Richard Clear himself!

Enrolling in Maryville Tai Chi will make you a part of our Tai Chi family! As a student you will find a warm, friendly learning environment as we monitor your progress and personally work with you to help you quickly gain the many benefits of Tai Chi.

Maryville Tai Chi prides itself on offering real Tai Chi from real instructors that have fully devoted themselves to the arts.
From the first lesson you will gain the personal rewards of working one-on-one with our skilled instructors.

Maryville Tai Chi opened its doors in Maryville TN in 2001 under the direction and leadership of SiGung (SiGung simply means Master Teacher) Richard Clear. Since then, we have grown into our Downtown Maryville location, down the road from Sullivan’s and Barley’s, and across the street from Two Doors Down and Brackin’s Blues Club. We provide group classes in Tai Chi and self defense to hundreds of students interested in discovering this beautiful, healthy, and ancient art.



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