Tai Chi Level 2: Martial Uses of Structure and Posture

This week Sigung Richard Clear taught in depth about the Tai Chi core concepts of alignment. Staying soft while keeping proper structure is one of the (seemingly) illusive principles of Tai Chi. By straightening and lengthening the spine and keeping good balance, power increases tremendously. There are also stronger and weaker alignments through the limbs. When everything is working together, structure is effortless. When even one piece is out of alignment, structure collapses.

In this class we demonstrated that proper alignment improves stability. Maintaining straightness and central equilibrium increases resistance to pushes. When the arm’s integrity is good as well, it makes your pushes stronger. If alignment is out at any point, however, it becomes easy to collapse, send out, or topple an opponent. As the misaligned person tries to reclaim a solid position, he actually pushes himself out.

Like everything else in the art of Tai Chi, pushing is a beginning training method and a way to safely demonstrate the benefits. When the skill is mastered, the same will apply to taking and giving hits. This is something you will want to work thoroughly while doing your form as well as while playing Push Hands.

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